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Skin Care Tips to Keep in Mind During Spring

As soon as winter is in the rear view mirror, many people reassess what they wear, and how they look. In other words, most people focus on changing their nail and hair colors to something lighter and finding that ideal spring and/or summer wardrobe. However, what some forget to do is revisit their skin care routine and continue using the same moisturizers and cleansers that they did during the winter.

After a few months of cold and harsh weather, your skin will be in need of some replenishing. And, while no one said you cannot use the same skin care products in the spring as you did in the winter, there are some changes you should think about making.


After dealing with the dry and cold weather, it’s important to repair your skin and replenish it with moisture. But, what type of moisturizers should you be looking for in the spring? Well, first off, get your hands on some products that act as both a skin protectant and a moisturizer, Next, look for ones that contain Vitamin E and sunflower oil, as they are both emollients that help trap moisture and keep skin soft. You should also keep an eye out for products that contain beta hydroxy acids and alpha hydroxy, as they help to replenish dry skin.

Exfoliants and Cleansers.

Just because it’s spring, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on exfoliating. First of all, exfoliating helps to remove any rough or dry skin layers that appeared during the winter, so it’s important to remember to do this when the cold temperatures subside. When looking for exfoliants in the spring, look for ones that have ingredients like brown sugar or beta hydroxy acids. Also, in the spring, you should exfoliate once or twice a week, and cleanse your skin twice a day. Last, but not least, start the spring season off with a cleanser that is unscented so that your skin does not get irritated.


If you didn’t know, sunscreen isn’t just for the summer or to put on while you are at the shore, it’s something you should wear year-round. When it comes to choosing sunscreens, it’s important to find one that’s right for your body and one that’s right your face. If you use one on the other, you could cause your skin to break out. Lastly, make sure you use sunscreens that have no chemicals, but that have ingredients like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.

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