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3 Shir-Radiance Corrective Rx Skin Care Products You Must Get Your Hands On!

If you haven’t noticed, the 2016 summer season has been big for us here at Shira Esthetics, as we launched one of our most innovative line of skin care products yet—Shir-Radiance Corrective Rx. This exclusive formula line contains therapeutic and anti-aging ingredients that are so remarkable that they can alleviate a broad range of skin conditions and ailments. Some of the advanced formulations in the products include Ceramides, PENTAVITIN®, Hydroxy Acids, Hyaluronic Acid, and Collagen, which will provide the ideal results for a number of skin types.

As of today, we have over 15 products available with our Shir-Radiance Corrective Rx line. In fact, we have a Balancing Cleanser, Salicylic Toner, Hydrating and Toning Mist, and 911 Blemish Control.

If you’re looking to get your hands on a few of the products in the Shir-Radiance Corrective Rx line (and will no doubt be great to use this summer!) here are three you might want to consider:

Deep Foaming Cleanser

Finding a cleanser that won’t dry out your skin can be a difficult task. However, one that will not dry out your skin is our Shir-Radiance Corrective Rx Deep Foaming Cleanser. This exceptional pH balanced foaming cleanser offers a gentle, yet deep pore cleansing experience, and removes impurities without drying out your skin. Plus, it aids in the accelerated removal of old skin cells so topical creams are absorbed more rapidly. In the end, if you want your skin to appear supple and hydrated this summer, this is one of the first products you should get your hands on.

Shir-Radiance Corrective Rx Deep Foaming Cleanser

Mandelic Serum 15%

Let’s face it, everyone wants soft and beautiful skin—especially during the warmer months of year. So, one product you may want to consider, but should be used immediately after you cleanse and dry your skin, is the Mandelic Serum. If used correctly and consistently, this product will lift age spots and hyperpigmentation. Plus, if you have sun damaged and/or dead skin, it will help to dissolve those dead skin cells to create a more even tone. If you opt for this product, it’s highly suggested that you also use the Advanced Therapeutic Moisturizer to see the best results.

Shir-Radiance Corrective Rx Mandelic Serum

Ultra Repair Eye and Neck Cream

If improved elasticity and hydration is your goal, then our Ultra Repair Eye and Neck Cream is what you need. Not only will it aid in diminishing the appearance of Crow’s Feet, but it will help to revitalize your skin. For the best results, you should apply the Ultra Repair Eye and Neck Cream two times a day.

Shir-Radiance Corrective Rx Ultra Repair Eye and Neck Cream

There is no denying that any of these products will be a great addition to your skin care routine. To learn more about Shir-Radiance Corrective Rx, please call us, or feel free to visit our Shir-Radiance Corrective Rx page of our site.


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