Monthly Archives: March 2018

Sea Weed Products For Hydrated, Beautiful Skin

Is your skincare regimen missing something lately? Are you looking to brighten, refresh, and add a little extra moisture to your dull and dehydrated complexion? Shira Esthetics would like to introduce our full lineup of professional skin care products containing seaweed! Known for its detoxifying and nourishing ingredients, seaweed products are becoming a staple in more and more women’s daily skincare routines – and for a good reason! Ideal for any skin type, Shira Esthetics encourages you to take a look at our expanding professional seaweed skin care products today!

Key Benefits of Regular Facials

Most of us regard facials to be somewhat of a luxury, but did you know there are key benefits to regular facials? For one, facials open up our pores allowing our daily skincare products to work more effectively. What’s more, every facial appointment is an opportunity to learn from a professional which face cleansers to buy and how to maximize results at home. Shira Esthetics offers a wide range of organic skincare to buy to keep your skin on fresh and radiant between facials! Whether you’re looking for a little extra hydration or anti-aging product, we have it all!