5 Skincare Products You Need this Summer

Everyone looks forward to long, summer days with plenty of sunshine and time spent outdoors. While summer is all about being carefree, don’t let that affect your attention to skincare, or you’ll be left with dry, sun-damaged skin. And that’s the last thing we’d want to happen! Make sure you buy natural skin care products from Shira to help boost your regimen! Your skin will thank you.


The most important products you can have in your collection during the sunny days of summer is SPF for UVA and UVB protection! Shira SPF 30 is a face and body lotion that is perfect for the damaging sun, trips to the beach, hiking, sightseeing on vacation, or general outdoor activities. It is lightweight, but very beneficial and easily absorbs into your skin



Since protecting your skin against the damaging rays is so important, Shira has other skincare products that contain SPF. Everyone has their own preference for which product fits best for them, but our most popular one is the Shir-Radiance Ester-C Collagen Moisturizer, which is for Normal/Dry/Mature skin and is SPF 20.




Pools, sand, and sun can dehydrate your skin. Therefore, a hydrating serum is exactly what you need to moisturize your skin. If you’re prone to flaking, cracking, or all around dryness, Shir-Radiance Hyaluronic Acid Serum is the perfect solution foranyone and everyone. Hyaluronic Acid is one of the most effective humectants available, and it deeply hydrates and plumps dry, damaged skin to improve hydration and texture.



So, you spent a little too much time having fun in the sun and maybe forgot to reapply your SPF…be sure to take better care next time, but what do you do now?! Shira has a great product to soothe redness, irritation and minor sunburn. The Shir-Organic Green Algae Soothing Gel is marine-derived from algae and provides exceptional hydration and soothing properties which calm sensitive or irritated skin.

Even summer skin needs exfoliation! Between sweat, grime, and sunblock…skin can become greasy and pores are clogged. Exfoliating once per week with our new Shir-Organic Pure Espresso Coffee Scrub will restore your skin to reveal a fresh, smooth complexion and give you the wake up call you need!





While you’re at the beach soaking in the sun or spending the day at the pool, always remember to take these important steps into consideration so you can keep your skin healthy and protected with organic skincare from Shira Esthetics. When you choose to buy natural skin care products, you are also making a decision to be sustainable and keep a green mindset. Shira will always be the optimal choice for establishing your summer skincare routine.

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