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A Brief History of Anti-Aging

For centuries, people have been looking for ways to delay the onset of wrinkles. People figured, while getting older couldn’t be stopped, at least they could remain looking young for as long as possible! The origins of preventing wrinkles isn’t anything new. Although Shira has been developing innovative skin care treatments since 1990, many ancient cultures including Greek, Indian, Chinese and Egyptian, developed their own ways to fight wrinkles, before anyone could buy anti-wrinkle cream and anti-aging products.

As one of the first societies to study cosmetology, Egyptians mixed natron and water to make a night cream. (Natron is a by-product of sodium bicarbonate or sodium carbonate.) Egyptians also were one of the first civilizations to use oils on their skin and hair to protect from the dry and hot climate of their land.

Greek women used honey and olive oil for moisturizing and protecting their skin. They also used these natural ingredients to create products that not only smelled good, but were beneficial to their skin. Many Greek women were also careful about limiting sun exposure to prevent wrinkles.

Indians also had their own skin care routines, including using sandalwood as a base for creams and medicines to clean and moisturize. It was also used to develop an anti-acne product by mixing it with turmeric. This created a paste that was left on overnight. Other ingredients they used in their skincare products included rosewater and other plants and herbs.

As time has passed, many modern anti-aging products and techniques have been discovered. Shira Esthetics is constantly learning and utilizing many new ingredients and formulations in our product lines. From our earlier product lines to the natural and organic fruit ingredients in the Shir-Organic line, to the advanced formulation of Pentavitin® in our Shir-Radiance line, Shira Esthetics has stayed on top of the latest ingredients to provide the best, and most advanced cosmeceuticals for our clients. Shira Esthetics has some of the best eye creams for wrinkles and best anti-aging creams, so be sure to visit our online store to see all our products!