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The Gold Standard of Skincare

When it comes to skin cleansing and hydration, you deserve nothing but the best. You need the Gold Standard of skincare products: Shir-Gold.

These two products from the Shir-Gold line are perfect for rejuvenating normal to dry and mature skin. The all-natural cleansing oil —  infused with ginger, lime, and real gold — help to nourish, hydrate, and enhance the skin’s complexion. The Rose Gold Satin Serum is meant for dry skin that isn’t too sensitive. Browse our store to learn more!

The Gold Standard of Skincare

The key to maintaining healthy, glowing skin? Treat your skin like royalty. With the help of our line of Shir-Gold products — Including the Rose Gold Satin Serum & Deep Cleansing Oil — you can have silky-smooth skin with a youthful glow. See the benefits for yourself in the video below.

Does your skin deserve the royal treatment? It’s a long-term process, but it’s never too late to get started! Check out our selection of Shir-Gold skincare products and give your skin what it deserves: The Gold Standard.

5 Skincare Products You Need this Summer

Everyone looks forward to long, summer days with plenty of sunshine and time spent outdoors. While summer is all about being carefree, don’t let that affect your attention to skincare, or you’ll be left with dry, sun-damaged skin. And that’s the last thing we’d want to happen! Make sure you buy natural skin care products from Shira to help boost your regimen! Your skin will thank you.


The most important products you can have in your collection during the sunny days of summer is SPF for UVA and UVB protection! Shira SPF 30 is a face and body lotion that is perfect for the damaging sun, trips to the beach, hiking, sightseeing on vacation, or general outdoor activities. It is lightweight, but very beneficial and easily absorbs into your skin



Since protecting your skin against the damaging rays is so important, Shira has other skincare products that contain SPF. Everyone has their own preference for which product fits best for them, but our most popular one is the Shir-Radiance Ester-C Collagen Moisturizer, which is for Normal/Dry/Mature skin and is SPF 20.




Pools, sand, and sun can dehydrate your skin. Therefore, a hydrating serum is exactly what you need to moisturize your skin. If you’re prone to flaking, cracking, or all around dryness, Shir-Radiance Hyaluronic Acid Serum is the perfect solution foranyone and everyone. Hyaluronic Acid is one of the most effective humectants available, and it deeply hydrates and plumps dry, damaged skin to improve hydration and texture.



So, you spent a little too much time having fun in the sun and maybe forgot to reapply your SPF…be sure to take better care next time, but what do you do now?! Shira has a great product to soothe redness, irritation and minor sunburn. The Shir-Organic Green Algae Soothing Gel is marine-derived from algae and provides exceptional hydration and soothing properties which calm sensitive or irritated skin.

Even summer skin needs exfoliation! Between sweat, grime, and sunblock…skin can become greasy and pores are clogged. Exfoliating once per week with our new Shir-Organic Pure Espresso Coffee Scrub will restore your skin to reveal a fresh, smooth complexion and give you the wake up call you need!





While you’re at the beach soaking in the sun or spending the day at the pool, always remember to take these important steps into consideration so you can keep your skin healthy and protected with organic skincare from Shira Esthetics. When you choose to buy natural skin care products, you are also making a decision to be sustainable and keep a green mindset. Shira will always be the optimal choice for establishing your summer skincare routine.

2 Shir-Organic Facial Products You Need This Summer

When you buy natural skin care products, you want healthy, organic ingredients in a product that works to help keep your skin fresh, clear, and feeling great! At Shira Esthetics, our Shir-Organic line contains all-natural skin care products that do just that. In the infographic below, we are proudly featuring two facial skin care products that will surely live up to your expectations.

To buy natural skin care products, including the two featured above, feel free to peruse our website.

The Age-Defying Power of Vitamin C

Have you been noticing a few too many lines and wrinkles lately when you look in the mirror? It happens to all of us. Stop furrowing your brow worrying about the aging process and try Shira Esthetics Glyco-C collection of skin care products, infused with the power of Vitamin C to promote a youthful glow.

In addition to our status as a leading supplier of the finest acne treatment products online, Shira Esthetics is proud to offer a full line of natural skin creams, cleansers, and more to help slow the effects of time.

Check out our infographic to learn more about how Vitamin C can help restore your radiance

Ready to enrich your skin with a little Vitamin C? Browse through our convenient online store today to shop for our Glyco-C products, buy acne cream, or satisfy any of your skin care needs.

Anti-Aging Superfruits to the Rescue!

Did you know that using products with superfruits help you to fight the signs of aging by reducing free radical damage? Well, you can! Not only does incorporating superfruits like blueberries, acai, and pomegranate in your diet help, but adding these anti-aging powerhouse skin products to your routine can help hydrate and firm your skin, giving you a natural, healthy glow.

Shira Esthetics offers a wide range of natural superfruit anti-aging skincare products for sale online. You can browse our product page to find more information on the superfruit products we featured in this infographic, or check out some of our other wrinkle creams we have for sale.

Shira Esthetics 2019 Spring Essentials for Any Skin Type

As winter finally moves into the rearview mirror, it’s time to give your skin some much-needed tender loving care. Shira Esthetics, a leading destination for the best anti aging creams in the online marketplace, encourages you to harness the power of nature to nourish your skin and restore your glow after the harsh cold-weather months.

Whether you experience excessive oiliness, or your skin is dehydrated, we have the perfect treatment option for you in our line of Shir-Organic line. Check out this lovely infographic for just a few examples.

Browse our entire selection of Shir-Organic products, not to mention our full line of the best anti-wrinkle creams nature has to offer, and let your skin bloom along with the spring flowers.

The Benefits of Collagen in Your Skin Care Regimen

We all want to keep our skin, particularly the skin on our face, looking youthful and radiant. But as we age, it’s inevitable: our skin starts to loosen and sag, and we find ourselves studying lines and wrinkles in the mirror that just weren’t there before. Add to that a busy, stressful schedule and a lack of quality sleep patterns, and that only increases our need for a better skin care strategy.

One effective way to help ease the effects of time and daily life is to treat our skin with the essential protein collagen. In this infographic, Shira Esthetics, a leading source of acne treatment products online, outlines the benefits of collagen as a skin care agent.

With our collagen-rich skin care treatments, Shira Esthetics will have you admiring your youthful glow, in no time. Browse our bazaar of skin creams and acne treatments online today.

Why Add Eye Serums Into Your Skin Care Regimen?

When you are searching for affordable anti-aging products online, the selection from Shira Esthetics will not disappoint. We offer a wide variety of different serums which are perfect for people dealing with signs of aging around the eyes. In this infographic, learn more about serums and how they can help you.

Shira Esthetics is the best place to shop for anti-aging creams and other products online. To see what we have to offer, just browse our site!

The 411 on Facial Serums and 3 Products to Use

While a lot of women underestimate the power of professional organic skincare products, we are here today to let you know just how important it is to have an effective serum in your daily skincare regimen. At Shira Esthetics, the majority of our serums, and some of our wrinkle creams for sale, use natural ingredients and after daily use substantially improve the skin’s texture as well as the overall facial appearance. If you’re unhappy with the skin care products that are currently in your makeup bag we dare you to try the Shira Esthetics skin care line. You will not be dissapointed!