The Benefits of Collagen in Your Skin Care Regimen

We all want to keep our skin, particularly the skin on our face, looking youthful and radiant. But as we age, it’s inevitable: our skin starts to loosen and sag, and we find ourselves studying lines and wrinkles in the mirror that just weren’t there before. Add to that a busy, stressful schedule and a lack of quality sleep patterns, and that only increases our need for a better skin care strategy.

One effective way to help ease the effects of time and daily life is to treat our skin with the essential protein collagen. In this infographic, Shira Esthetics, a leading source of acne treatment products online, outlines the benefits of collagen as a skin care agent.

With our collagen-rich skin care treatments, Shira Esthetics will have you admiring your youthful glow, in no time. Browse our bazaar of skin creams and acne treatments online today.

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