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Press Mentions 
We are one of the products featured in the slide show, Boto Derm 

March 2017: 

Page 23: an article about Green Tea where you can see they included our Green Tea Toner
On pages 36&39 you will see we were chosen as winners for the magazine Professionals Choice Awards which is exciting! The products included were the Shir-Organic line, as well as our Solar Energy Face & Body Scrub, which I sent you a sample of!
Page 68: one of our employees, Mariya, was featured as a Retail Rockstar.

April 2017:
Page 23: our Shir-Organic ad
Page 46: the paragraph on Eucalyptus
Page 56: our Shir-Organic Apple Stem Cell Night Cream is included in their product round-up at the bottom of the page

November 2016 
Page 19: Shir Radiance
Page 50: Jordanna in an article