Five Reasons to Partner with Shira

Among the more strategic decisions that diligent spa owners like you have to make is selecting the right partner to supply skin care products for both professional use and retail. That’s where Shira excels.

Shira has been rooted in the art and science of skin care for more than 50 years. We understand the spa industry; we exist for the spa industry. That’s why, worldwide, more than 2000 prestigious spas now rely on the excellence of Shira’s product portfolio and our passion for esthetics education to help them create satisfied clients, well-trained employees, and healthier profit margins.

Here are five reasons your spa can succeed by relying on Shira, too:

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Diverse and Advanced Product Collections and Price Points

Clients have different skin care needs and decidedly different preferences. Only Shira arms your estheticians with unique and innovative range of product line collections that can satisfy everyone’s requirements. Are some of your clients in the all-natural-or-nothing camp? They’ll absolutely love our new Shir-Organic line. Do some prefer going the more aggressive clinical/cosmeceutical route? They’ll rave about our Shir-Radiance Corrective Rx and Boto-Derm Rx line.  Are some clients loyal to the special regenerative properties of Omega-3 fatty acids, or to the unique revitalizing benefits of Glycolic Acid and Vitamin C? Shira has product lines for those clients, and much, much more.

Focus on the Professional  

Redefining the art of skin care is our company’s motto for good reason. From ingredient research and selection, to product trials and development, to the custom professional skin and body therapy treatments that we design and perfect, Shira’s perspective begins with the esthetician and practitioner in mind. We want you to be our advocates and evangelists, benefitting from sales made to the clientele you build with us.


Results, Results, Results!!!

When all is said and done, and the marketing claims have been created and pitched, the only thing that really counts is the results you can achieve for your clients and their skin.  We are supremely confident in what we do and for good reasons. We have always developed formulas with concentrations of high quality, active ingredients. We emphasize research and innovation, taking pride – evidenced by our expansive collection of specialty product lines and distinctive treatments. Let us help you meet the needs of your clients, because they are the ones depending solely on you to make them look and feel great.

Skin treated by Shira is smooth, supple, and radiant.


Painless Opening Orders, Attractive Package Deals

You can begin working with Shira with an opening order as low as $250; that’s about 10% of what some brands demand to get started. Second, we’ve created extremely attractive package deals that really work to your advantage: when you order a retail line of Shira products for the first time, we will provide the professional size of every product in the line as a bonus. Depending on the size of your order, you may even qualify to receive two professional sizes of each product. The point is this: Shira’s generous bonus policy literally saves you hundreds and hundreds of dollars, lets more clients quickly experience what Shira can do for their skin, and opens the door to retail sales.



Spas who partner with Shira quickly come realize that education is at the core of our relationship. We provide on-going training in all of Shira’s products and treatment protocols, and offer you multiple ways to take advantage. 

Accounts located near our headquarters can train directly with our Education Director through bi-weekly classes or online training – and yes, even via Skype. We can also provide group training at your site. 

We also supply detailed Esthetician’s Guides that describe our products, list our ingredients, and provide step-by-step instruction on Shira’s professional skin and body therapy treatments.

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