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Great for Sensitive Skin!!

I have very sensitive skin and all of the products in the chamomile line work very well with my skin type. My favorite of all the Chamomile products being the Chamomile Azulene Eye & Neck Treatment Cream!!

- June K

Great Product

This eye cream seems to work no matter how puffy I am when I get up in the morning. This product is great!!

- June K

Love this Cleanser!!

I am very pleased with this cleanser, it makes my skin feel great and I love the pieces of coconut and oatmeal. The best part is you have changed the packaging and it dispenses so much easier now. I definitely will be trying more of your products!!

- Tinangel

It feels so nice as soon as it is on my face.

I do have a little rosacia on my face and this face cleansing product with Omega 3 makes it feel so nice as soon as it is on my face. I love how it foams when you squirt it on your hand. I use it to clean my face every morning and evening. I would recommend this product to anyone who has sensitive skin. The results are amazing!!

- Bev

Love My Citrus Marmalade Mask

My skin was very dull and dark, so the marmalade mask helps brighten up my complexion, giving me a great look. The texture and appearance of my skin has also really improved.

- Demi K

Coconut Oatmeal works so well!

My oatmeal cleanser has kept my skin from getting too dry and gently unclogs my pores. I have even noticed a reduction in some of my wrinkles and blemishes.

- Carla P

Toning Pads!

When I use the Omega 3 Toning Pads, my face feels fresh. The pads moisturize and clear out my pores, leaving my skin feeling clean and looking healthy.

- Noah C

Sea Weed Toner

The seaweed toner acts as an antiseptic, so it disinfects and completely cleans out my pores. Since my skin is typically very oily, the oil control component in the toner takes care of my moisture levels which I love!! Definitely a great product and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone with very oily skin like myself!

- Eve N

Pure Pineapple!! Pure Satisfaction!!

Since using the pineapple papaya peel I have noticed my skin tone is way more balanced and even. My large pores are noticeably minimized and I have noticed fewer blemishes and breakouts :)

- Carli M

Sea Weed Serum

The sea weed serum makes my skin feel so much healthier and cleaner. My skin looks so much better and clearer after applying the serum multiple times. I have a much more radiant complexion now.

- Lucinda T

I Love My New Cucumber Eye Cream!

My cucumber eye cream works so effectively under my eyes and in any areas of my face that are drying out. The cream is so rich, so my face is very moisturized and doesn’t peel or dry up.

- Tamia L

Fantastic Treatment Mask!!

The high potent c-mask gets rid of a lot of my wrinkles and fixes the texture of my skin in order to make it softer. I love how it works. My skin is instantly hydrated, and this gives me a brighter complexion.

- Ciara H

I Love My New Cream!

I use the firming and toning for my entire body. The cream has minerals and essential oils inside which nourish my skin. The toning cream thoroughly moisturizes my skin and leaves it feeling smooth and soft.

- Shelby C

Enjoying My Eucalyptus Serum!

The eucalyptus serum helps me deal with my oily skin. The serum tightens and disinfects my pores. It also minimizes breakouts and reduces the acne I get.

- Sofie L

Love My Acai Mask!

I have always had difficulty finding products that work well for my very sensitive skin. This mask has been a blessing and since I started using it, my skin tone has greatly improved and has become so smooth! I would definitely recommend to anyone who has similar sensitive skin issues.

- Victoria C

Red Lava Mask!

I use the Red Lava Mineral Mask and it clears out my pores since they’re so congested. The mask calms and heals my skin and gets rid of my acne, while the oil control manages my moisture.

- Lena D

Cherry Clay

Perfectly takes care of my oily skin and large pores. The mask has helped to control my oils and I can feel and see my pores getting smaller. My skin is now more balanced and it has drastically calmed my skin.

- Tonya S

Algae Gel

“The Algae Gel calms down redness and gets rid of any irritation. The gel gently calms down my skin and soothes it, so there is no additional redness. Also, the soothing gel makes sure my skin doesn’t dry out or peel.”

- Angela J

Apple Smoothing

“The apple smoothing mask strengthens my skin and gives me an even skin tone. The mask also protects my skin from a lack of oxygen, which changes the tone of some parts of my face. My face looks much more youthful and feels a lot better.”

- Melissa J

AHA Scrub

“The Pure AHA Treatment scrub works so well when it exfoliates my skin. The scrub gets rids of all of the dead skin and leaves a new, fresh layer of soft skin behind. The scrub restores smoothness and makes my skin feel new and healthy.”

- Elena W

Blueberry Mask

“My blueberry mask gets rid of a lot of my wrinkles and restores moisture in my skin, leaving my face feeling soft and beautiful. The mask stops my face from peeling in some areas and hydrates my irritated areas.”

- Melina H

Blackberry Moisturizer

“My blackberry moisturizer helps me deal with my sensitive skin. The cream moisturizes my skin while improving my skin tone. My face feels enriched and is really soothed by the cream.”

- Johanna G

Apricot Moisturizer

“I am starting to get wrinkles and the Apricot Moisturizer is helping me get rid of fine lines and rejuvenates my skin. The cream keeps my skin stay healthy and youthful looking.”

- Linda K

Avocado Moisturizer

My avocado moisturizer deeply cleanses and hydrates my skin. When my skin gets really dry, the moisturizer takes care of my skin and makes sure that it stays soft and under control.

- Ella G


“The grapefruit moisturizer hydrates my skin and helps clear my ‘imperfections.’ The moisturizer also helps with oil control while balancing my moisture levels.”

- Roberta A

Blueberry Night

“My blueberry night cream makes my skin feel healthier and cleaner. When I apply it at night, I wake up with my skin feeling hydrated, soft and healthy.”

- Sharon R

Pomegranate Serum

“My pomegranate serum makes my skin firm and hydrates my skin when it dries out. This stops my skin from peeling and getting irritated. Smells great too!”

- Michele N


“The pineapple peel minimizes my large pores which I frequently have to deal with. The peel balances my moisture levels and actually brightens my complexion, which really helps me feel more confident.”

- Lindsay F


“I have very sensitive skin, so I use the Mango Butter Mask which hydrates my skin and is great for when my skin peels or gets irritated. The mask takes care of my skin and calms it down.”

- Maria L

Solar Scrub

“My face and body scrub exfoliates my skin and cleanses it, leaving it clean and healthy. The exfoliation removes dead skin cells and renews other cells which make my skin soft and even.”

- Aria K


“The Solar Energy Body Lotion moisturizes my entire body and refreshes my skin while protecting it. The lotion keeps a great level of hydration. And it feels so smooth and good going on.”

- Allison J

Solar Energy

“My Bio-Sulfur Mask treats my acne, gets rid of it and controls my oil levels. The mask cleans out my entire face when I need a serious treatment,”

- Jene M


“In the bath, I use the mineral bath salts to calm down my skin and relax my body. The bath salts cleanse my skin and makes my body feel fresh and healthy. Decadent! ”

- Aly J

Solar Energy

“The sunscreen has SPF 30 which protects my skin from the sun. On top of which, it protects my skin from wrinkles and totally works with my makeup.”

- Lisa K

Drying Lotion

“The Solar Energy Drying Lotion helps me dry up my acne in order to get rid of it. My oily and acne prone skin is always breaking out so the drying lotion gets rid of my blemishes and soothes my skin. Great product.”

- Julia S


“My lightening complex helps me deal with my sun spots and sun damage. It treats my freckles and marks, lightens my skin, and evens my skin tone. It is a 10 out of 10”

- Lillian D


“My Glyco C Serum helps take care of my wrinkles and makes my skin look younger and fresher. My skin stays thoroughly hydrated and remains under control.”

- Skylar H


“My Glyco C High Potent Mask absorbs my oils and maintains my oily skin. The mask tightens my pores and refreshes my skin making it feel really clean and healthy.”

- Sara B


“My Glyco C High Potent Mask absorbs my oils and maintains my oily skin. The mask tightens my pores and refreshes my skin making it feel really clean and healthy.”

- Ellen D


“The Chamomile Eye & Neck Cream helped me deal with my puffiness around my eyes. The cream improved circulation throughout my face and got rid of many of my wrinkles.”

- Laura C


“My Chamomile Day Cream calms down my skin and nourishes my face. As a bonus, the cream contains SPF 15 which protects my face from damaging sun rays. My face is now less red and dry than usual. Thank you!”

- Rita F


“When applying the Chamomile Azulene Soothing Mask, my sensitive skin is calmed down and the mask leaves long lasting hydration. With more uses, my skin became less and less sensitive and reduced inflammation.”

- Larissa R

Chamomile Milk

“My Chomomile Azulene Cleansing Milk helps me out when my skin gets irritated and red. The product helps me calm my skin and moisturize it. When I cleanse my face, the product gently penetrates into my pores.”

- Natalie O


The Replenishing Day Cream takes care of my skin and nourishes it.. The cream is a great base for foundation and makeup, too.

- Anna P

Omega 3

The Omega 3 Replenishing Night Cream nourishes my skin before bed. lIke magic, overnight my skin absorbs the cream and the fatty acids keep my face nice and hydrated.

- Audrey F

Omega 3

The Firming Serum takes care of my difficult fine lines around my mouth and smoothes out the surface. The serum reduces the amount of wrinkles around my eyes and tightens my pores.

- Christina D

Great Moisturizer for Oily Skin

The oils in my skin have been calmed and I have noticed fewer acne breakouts. This moisturizer gently smoothes my skin and cools my face.

- Courtney L

Pain Free Eye Lift

Since I started using the Derma-Lift Eye Gel, I have noticed the area around my eyes seem to be tightening and as a result I see a reduction in my wrinkles. My eye area is also feels hydrated instead of the usual dry feeling.

- Donna K

Toning Pads

Can’t say enough about my Omega 3 Toning Pads1 They help me deal with my acne while also moisturizing my skin. My complexion is finally clearing up!!

- Kim L

Omega 3

I use the Omega 3 Purifying Foaming Cleanser in the shower and the cleanser thoroughly cleans out my pores without drying out my skin

- Dana J

Fantastic Mask and Value

The Omega 3 Nourishing Mask is just great. My face is baby soft and my entire face feels healthy and new.

- Fran D

Wheat Germ

The Wheat Germ Rich Moisturizer works very well as a base and makeup primer. The moisturizer must also help with circulation in my face, because I have better color now.

- Miranda S

Wheat Germ

The Wheat Germ Eye and Neck Cream stopped my skin from peeling and drying up in this cold weather. I love the effect the essential oils have had on my skin and now itis so much softer and clean feeling because of it.

- Jeanette M


This Hydro-Lift Treatment is a very intense treatment which moisturizes my skin, and leaves it feeling good and soothed.

- Jen F


My skin used to dry up and become wrinkly, so the Boto-Derm Vita-Burst Peptide Complex has helped to reduce my fine lines and has completelynourished my face. I really love it!

- Rita F

Day Cream

The Hydra-Life Day Cream moisturizes my face throughout the entire day. I receive a boost of hydration and my skin feels healthier after applying the cream. The moisturizer improved my skin texture and stopped my face from peeling.

- Olivia T

Eye Puffiness

My Instant Anti-Puffiness Eye Cream reduced my dark and puffy under eye bags in a short amount of time. The cream makes me look more awake and refreshes my skin. Dark under eye circles have really dissipated.

- Kayla L

Night Cream

The Forte Repair Night Cream moisturized my skin overnight and was able to reduce wrinkles and those unwanted spots. The hydration and exfoliation helped me manage my moisture levels.

- Kylie S


My oily skin needed a product to clean out leftover oils and the Clarifying Cleanser was able to manage my acne prone skin. The antiseptics in the cleanser really work, especially on my (mature!) skin.

- Felicia A

Polishing Cleanser

The polishing cleanser removes a lot of my left over makeup that I am unable to take off with an average makeup wipe. It helps remove my dead skin and leaves a fresh new layer on top. Way better than any other cleansers I've used before.

- Alicia C

Acne Pads

The Boto-Derm Acne Pads thoroughly cleansed my skin and left my face feeling refreshed and clear. While cleaning out my pores, the pads gave me a radiant complexion. Loved it!!

- Angie Q

Pinot Noir

My skin was very dry so I started to use the Pure Pinot Noir Moisturizer and in really a short time my skin was radiant and glowing. The moisturizer helped me manage my mature skin and help with some anti-aging. Every little bit helps!

- Donna P


The Sugar Cane Microderm Peel exfoliated my skin without causing any irritation since my face is very sensitive. I was able to hydrate my skin and have even skin tone.

- Lena T


With the pomegranate serum, my skin was able to return to being hydrated and under control. The serum penetrated into my skin, leaving it soft and younger looking.

- Lindy K


My citrus marmalade mask was able to rejuvenate my skin after having a lot of damage on my face. The mask thoroughly moisturized my face and the exfoliation was able to get rid of my peeling skin.

- Marsha J


The pumpkin smoothing peel was perfect for my tough skin. All the essential nutrients in the peel were able to smooth and soften my skin. My dead skin cells were removed which left me with a much brighter complexion.

- Amy S

Smells so good

I love the pomegranate scent, and my skin feels healthy and clean and my complexion is bright. I have some sun spots and wrinkles from excessive time in the sun and this toner has helped some marks fade.

- Jane D


The sugarcane peel lightly exfoliates my skin and leaves a smooth, soft layer of skin behind. My skin is extremely hydrated and nourished. Many of my fine lines have faded and many blemishes have disappeared.

- Sofia H


The AHA Treatment Scrub thoroughly exfoliated my skin and left me with a brighter complexion. My skin tone is now more even and looks and feels so much healthier.

- Angelica


In the winter, it’s very difficult to find a product that can moisturize my face, without irritating it. The mango butter mask enriched my skin and locked in moisture. Great product!!

- Angela P


It’s been hard to find a product for my Rosacea, so when I came across the soothing gel, I was so glad because the gel reduced my redness, calmed my skin, and helped my irritation. This soothing gel also helped with dryness.

- Jennifer F


With my very sensitive skin, it was difficult to find a product that thoroughly moisturized my skin. This acai mask has smoothed my skin while replenishing it. The mask soothed my irritation and softened my skin. Love Love Love!!!

- Alison O

Bye Bye Blackheads!!!

The red lava mask has helped control my oily and clogged pores. This mask clears out my pores with the oil residue inside. The mask has gotten rid of my blackheads as well as other little blemishes.

- Barbara


The cherry clay mask has minimized my pores, which used to be very noticeable. The oil control calms my skin which typically breaks out. My skin tone has greatly improved, probably because of the Vitamin C in the mask.

- Amy J.


I thoroughly enjoy everything about this cleanser because it removes all the oils and dirt in my pores and refreshes my very oily skin.

- Laura A.


I love the pomegranate scent and this face wash soothes my skin while brightening my complexion. My skin feels healthy and clean. I have sun spots and wrinkles from excessive time in the sun and this cleanser has helped some marks fade.

- Janet Sokar


This cleanser has really helped me with my dry skin, especially in the winter. It cleans my face without irritation, and I have very sensitive skin.

- Barbara Senfer

Acne pads

These acne pads have helped my skin when I break out.The antibacterial substances thoughrally cleansed my skin and gave me a more radiant complexion.

- Ayelet smith

Fantastic oil control cleanser.

I've been struggling to find a product for my oily skin and nothing has really worked until I tried this cleanser. Not only does it thoroughly cleanse my skin, but it also is an oil control cleanser that helped my acne prone skin tremendously.

- Susan Berkfield