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Get ready to feel like you’ve just entered your very own spa. The best part about this spa is that cost is at an all-time low, and you can control it like you own the place. All you have to worry about is purchasing the best products to help you and your guests feel more relaxed and beautiful. We can help at Shira Esthetics.Read More >

At Shira Esthetics, we offer the best facial masks for sensitive skin. You can improve its health by restoring moisture with our soothing facial masks. They provide an assortment of benefits for your face no matter what type you were born or blessed with.

Our facial masks can apply to many different types of skin. Whether yours has large pores, is acne-prone, is dry, very dry, normal, oily, sensitive or a combination of a couple of types, you will be able to find what you need on our website. We’re proud to offer the best face cream and other soothing products for those who need to rejuvenate and moisturize their face.

We only make our products with natural and organic ingredients that will nourish you and treat any condition that may affect your skin or face. We do not use any unnecessary chemicals, additives, fillers, or parabens for our products.


We offer soothing facial masks for those with sensitive skin. They can give you benefits like providing you with optimal and long-lasting hydration, reducing symptoms of inflammation or irritableness, and treating other imperfections to help you beam with health and contentment. Our products can also treat dryness and replenish your face’s natural moisture level.

You can also buy face cleansers for even more benefits. Many of them will cleanse the face gently while penetrating deeply into the pores. They will also remove dull and tired cells to make your face look and feel softer and fresher.

Whether you’d like a makeup remover that will take your sensitive face into consideration or a soothing cleanser that balances pH and maintains moisture with natural ingredients, rely on us at Shira Esthetics. We’ll make sure you look healthy, feel healthy and shine.< Read Less

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