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Organic Skin Care Products

Discover your path toward rejuvenated, firmer, and youthful skin with our line of organic skin care products. Our Shir-Organic products offer your face and skin the hydration they need to protect against aging, sun damage, dry skin, and blemishes. We pride ourselves on providing the best organic skin care products for all skin types.

Why Choose Shir-Organic

Shir-Organic products contain all-natural, organic ingredients with whole fruits and herbal pulps. Formulated with super-fruits and saturated with phytonutrients, this natural approach hydrates and strengthens skin, stimulates cell regeneration, and protects against environmental damage. The unique bamboo packaging is one-of-a-kind and ecologically friendly.

The Shir-Organic line contains products for a variety of skin types, including normal, oily, dry, mature, and acne-prone. The combination of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs, which were expertly blended in Shir-Organic products, provide the skin with the nourishment it needs to combat signs of aging.

What Makes Organic Skin Care Products Better?

More and more people are tossing their non-organic products into the trash and applying organic skin care products to their face and skin instead. Why? Because natural beauty items are better for you than conventional beauty products.

Organic products are free of harmful chemicals.

Unfortunately, the skin care products widely available in drug stores are often full of harsh chemicals, such as parabens and phthalates. In contrast, certified organic products are made with ingredients derived from plants and other natural sources, and they do not contain additives or chemicals.

Our organic products, including our moisturizers and peels, are formulated to suit various skin types. They are made with natural extracts and essential vitamins to offer the ultimate skin hydration without irritating sensitive or dry skin.

Organic skin care products are suitable for allergy-prone skin.

Without harmful ingredients, organic products are less likely to cause allergic reactions or skin irritations. If your skin reacts negatively to the product, it will be easier to determine what caused the reaction because there are no hidden ingredients.

Protects Against Aging

Despite what they advertise, non-organic products will eventually dry out your face and skin because of the chemicals they are made with. In contrast, organic makeup and skin care products only contain naturally derived ingredients that protect against pollution, sun, and wind. Our natural wrinkle and pore minimizer and deep cleansing products can restore your youthful glow while boosting your skin’s natural hydration.

Organic skin care works better.

Plants grown organically have more antioxidants, so that means products made from these plants will also have more antioxidants. These vitamins provide the essential nutrients your skin needs, nourishing, moisturizing, and smoothing your skin. Our selection of hydrating creams is especially great at soothing and brightening skin with only a few simple ingredients.

Organic items protect the environment.

Toxic ingredients are kept out of your skin care products and are, therefore, kept out of the earth, water supply, and air. Buying organic can lessen your environmental impact.

Buy Organic Skin Care Products from Shira Esthetics

Invest in your health and shop for organic skin care products from Shira Esthetics. We offer the best organic moisturizers, lotions, toners, serums, as well as peels and scrubs. Buy online today, and experience healthier, brighter skin!

Shir-Organic Eucalyptus Cleanser
Q: What skin type is this cleanser best for? + A:   Oily skin and acne prone skin

Q: Does this cleanser foam? + A:   Yes, the cleanser foams up after lathering it between your hands before applying to the face.

Q: Is this cleanser vegan & cruelty free? + A:   Yes! This cleanser is vegan & cruelty free. We even have the PETA bunny logo on our packaging.

Shir-Organic Avocado Moisturizer
Q: What skin type is this moisturizer good for? + A:   Dry, mature skin

Q: Can I use this moisturizer day and night? + A:   Yes, you can use it twice per day, but always remember to apply an SPF after moisturizing during the day, all year.

Q: Is this moisturizer vegan & cruelty free? + A:   A: Yes! This moisturizer is vegan & cruelty free. We even have the PETA bunny logo on our packaging.

Shir-Organic Mango Butter Mask
Q: How often can I use this mask? + A:   Once or twice a week

Q: How long do I leave this mask on my skin? + A:   You can leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes before thoroughly rinsing off, followed my moisturizer for plump, healthy, hydrated skin!

Q: Is this mask vegan & cruelty free? + A:   A: Yes! This mask is vegan & cruelty free. We even have the PETA bunny logo on our packaging.

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