Where To Buy Shira Skincare!

Shira Esthetics is proud to sell a wide range of organic and clinical skincare products to estheticians and spas worldwide. For your safety and to assure complete satisfaction, it is important that you only purchase authentic Shira products through one of our professional salons and spas, www.shiraesthetics.com. Shira Esthetics has a zero-tolerance policy towards unauthorized sellers.

As a standard practice, Shira Esthetics:

  • does not sell to unauthorized retailers.
  • has an internal department that conducts surveillance & investigates fraudulent accounts.
  • actively monitors unusual buying patterns.
  • immediately shuts down any accounts found to be diverting products to unauthorized selling locations.
  • in conjunction with a law firm, takes legal action to fight diversion and stop the unauthorized sale of Shira skincare.

If you suspect that a seller is unauthorized, you can report them to us for investigation at [email protected]

Unauthorized Internet Sellers:

Unauthorized sellers may ship expired, spoiled and unsafe Shira products. The websites listed below that sell Shira products have no relationship with our company and are not authorized retailers. We can’t vouch for the product, and we are not responsible for the condition it is in.

This is just a partial list. There are many unauthorized retailers of our skincare products. We highly recommend that you purchase directly from our website or check our store locator to find a spa retailer near you! Please call us if you have further questions at 1-800-957-4472.