Even the most skin care-obsessed among us often forget one crucial step in the daily face care regimen: Serum. As serums become increasingly popular, however, it’s more obvious than ever than these powerhouses in tiny bottles can make the difference between an ordinary complexion and glowing, supple skin.Read More >

In the midst of cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliating, applying a rich, nourishing serum to the face is essential to moisturizing, repairing and protecting the skin. The right serum is loaded with nourishing ingredients extracted from natural sources such as minerals and plants, and carefully crafted to soothe irritation, balance pH levels, retain moisture and encourage cell turnover for a radiant appearance. At Shira Esthetics, we’ve developed a full range of serum solutions—and did so well before their current rise in popularity.


Serums by Shira Esthetics are formulated to target different skin care issues. Our Boto-Lift Rx Instant Lift Serum, for example, lives up to its name. Sagging skin gets an instant lift with this silicon-based formula, which is enriched with retinol, vitamin C and vitamin E. The anti-aging properties of these ingredients tighten tired skin and sculpt a radiant, youthful face, without the need for expensive fillers like Botox. Not only does it work instantly, but it also erases fine lines over time. As an addition to a skin care routine, it suits young skin as well as it does mature complexions.

Another of our serums, the Boto-Derm Rx Vita-Burst Peptide Complex, is a perfect example of our commitment to forward-thinking innovation. This golden formula contains unique millicapsules which make for an advanced delivery system that evenly and deeply distributes nourishing vitamins and polypeptides like never before. Regularly applying this serum to the face deeply targets fine lines and dryness, resulting in fresh, ageless skin.

Naturally, the above are just two of the many products we offer to lift, brighten and correct your complexion. Virtually any skin type or concern can be matched with a Shira Esthetic solution, whether it’s our Omega 3 Firming Serum, Shir Radiance Corrective Rx Ester-C Brightening Serum, Glyco-C High Potent-C Serum or Shir Radiance Corrective Rx Ultrapure Hyaluronic Acid serum.

When combined with our cleansers for the skin and moisturizing creams for the face, Shira Esthetics serums are the secret weapon in your skin care arsenal. Our nourishing formulas instantly lift, hydrate and repair skin, and continue to restore a youthful, glowing complexion throughout the day. < Read Less

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