There are plenty of popular, trendy beauty products on the market that contain questionable, eyebrow-raising ingredients. Gold skin care products, on the other hand, are a luxury trend that falls far from the monthly “hype” category. Gold skin care products have become the ultimate indulgence; not only because of gold’s luxurious connotation, but because of the countless benefits of this versatile element.

Meet the Gold Standard

Shira Esthetics addresses various skin care issues by providing a range of products that tackle scarring, dullness, wrinkles, and many other skin imperfections. For added benefits, skin care enthusiasts can purchase gold-infused serums and creams to incorporate into their daily regimen.

Shir-Gold Skin Care

Shira Esthetics carries a wide range of gold skin care products that treat various skin imperfections while promoting more healthy and radiant skin. Procuring effective skin care products that contain positive and healthy skin benefits can be hard to come by. In an industry that is saturated with beauty products, Shira Esthetics stands out by providing a natural and organic product assortment.

We incorporated this coveted beauty ingredient in our Shir-Gold skin care line which contains serums, cleanings oils, and moisturizers. These products play a huge role in the overall vitality of our skin and should be incorporated into a daily skin care routine. Our unique formulations help both men and women achieve their long-term skin care goals.

Discover the Power of Gold

Since its discovery, gold has contained health benefits that are unbeknown to most. Today, the benefits of gold are evident, and are incorporated into the beauty industry. The benefits of gold skin care can be traced back thousands of years ago; however, the overwhelming demand for innovative and effective skin care products has shed light on this beautiful, timeless element.

Take a look at some exciting benefits of gold in skin care:

Reduces Wrinkles, Fine Lines, & Spots.
Gold skin products reduce wrinkles by activating basal cells. As basal cells continually divide, new cells produce and push older cells up to the surface of the skin, where they shed. This process is essential for increasing the elasticity of the skin, thus reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and blemishes.

Stimulates Cell Growth
The ions in gold skin care products stimulate cell growth, which not only improves blood circulation, but helps make the skin firm.

Prevents Premature Aging
Anti-aging benefits are just one of the many perks that make gold skin care products a must-have. The properties in gold skin care are known to accelerate blood circulation and increase the metabolic rate of the skin.

Brightens Complexion
No matter your skin tone, a brighter complexion helps increase radiance and glow. The radiance-boosting qualities in our Shir-Gold line help to illuminate the skin, revealing a vibrant complexion and making your appearance more even and smooth.

Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties
We all experience inflammation on the skin, especially during dreadful breakouts. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties in gold allow oxygen to flow into the skin. Oxygen is essential for your skin health and maintenance. It helps to renew skin cells, and without it, blood vessels begin to shrink, causing the skin to look dull.

The Shir-Gold line at Shira Esthetics contains a well-rounded list of natural and organic ingredients. Gift your skin a luxury gold-infused treatment that provides lasting benefits for years to come.

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