Are Shira products safe during pregnancy?

Shira products are safe and effective during pregnancy. Inform your obstetrician and inquire about potential contraindications.

Does Shira test on animals?

No animal testing is performed on the development of any Shira product.

How can I learn about reselling Shira products?

Skin care professionals can complete our online form. Typically, qualified candidates will be contacted within two business days.  You can access the information form here: Partner with Shira. You can also call us at 888-396-2674 to learn more.

What distinguishes Shira from other skin care companies?

Since its inception, Shira has focused on the professional spa channel and meeting the needs of estheticians. The company is distinguished by the diversity of its product line collections.

What is the minimum order for authorized professionals?


What is the shelf life of Shira’s products?

The company takes great care to produce stabile, sterile formulations. Product expiry is two years from date of manufacture; products can typically be used safely beyond this period.

When was Shira founded?

Shira began US operations in 1990. The company’s roots in skincare can be traced nearly 60 years, as a family business originating in Israel.

Where are your products made?

The majority of Shira’s product collections are developed and manufactured in the USA. The company’s Solar Energy, Chamomile Azulene, and Sea Weed (for oily skin) are made in Israel.

Where are your products sold?

Shira’s products are sold primarily through day and resort spas, approximately 2000 worldwide. Select partners retail Shira through online sites.