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Redefining the Art of Beauty and Skin Care


The search for ingredients and treatments that heal and beautify our skin has been conducted across cultures for thousands of years.
The Egyptians developed oils and lotions to offset the effects of arid climate, and were first to record skin care techniques. The Chinese embraced a holistic approach to health and beauty; doctors treated skin ailments through diet and herbal application. In Elizabethan and Renaissance times, highly-desirable pale complexions were created from cosmetic foundations made with vinegar and lead.
And so it goes, each age defining and redefining what it means to have skin that looks beautiful, that feels beautiful and healthy.

Shira is proud to play its role in the advancement of modern esthetics.

Our journey began modestly, more than 50 years ago, as an avocation for Sara Nezaria –a registered nurse. Along with nursing, Sara was passionate about skin care. She began to research the properties of minerals sourced from the thermal springs of the Dead Sea and from the black mud of its seabed.
These minerals – rich deposits of potassium, magnesium, bromine, calcium, sodium, and chlorine –proved to be rare and therapeutic.

Armed with these distinctive treatments, Sara was able to produce dramatic results for her clients – most notably those with problem and mature skin. Her talent for treating and rejuvenating skin outpaced results achieved by local dermatologists. Her reputation grew, along with a loyal following.


The Formation of Shira Esthetics

In 1990 Sara Nezaria formed Shira Esthetics. She branded her first line of mineral rich products from the Dead Sea as Solar Energy, and followed up with treatment collections based on other natural ingredients: Chamomile, Azulene, and Sea Weed. The distinctive ingredient approach of Shira’s early product lines became favorites of regional spa owners, and Shira’s market niche as a reputable and innovative supplier to the professional spa channel solidified.


The Passion Passes Forward

In 1994, Sara’s son, Yair, joined Shira and set off to raise Shira Esthetics to the next level. Blending a strong understanding of cosmetic chemistry with business acumen, Yair brought unique product collections to market, each with a distinctive ingredient story and set of benefits tailored to help estheticians treat the most difficult skin conditions.

Shira was one of the original brands to emphasize the regenerative properties of Omega-3 fatty acids, and the introduction of its Omega-3 line broadened the company’s popularity and base. Likewise, Shira’s Glyco-C collection represented a breakthrough concept, combining the exfoliating properties of Glycolic Acid with the antioxidant and collagen building properties of Vitamin C. It became a favorite of estheticians from coast to coast – a triple-threat collection that could diminish wrinkles, correct hyperpigmentation, and treat acne.

The rise of peptides in the skin care market provided opportunity for Shira to shine.  With its Boto-Derm collection of cosmeceuticals, Shira artfully blended the four most-clinically proven polypeptides with another gold standard ingredient – retinol – into powerful anti-aging treatments. The Boto-Derm launch demonstrated Shira to be a nimble developer – one capable of inspiration from nature and science.


Culmination of Excellence: Launch of Shir-Organic

A little more than 20 years after Sara Nezaria took her step of faith, transitioning her love of skin care into a modest business, Shira Esthetics took its boldest step with the launch of the Shir-Organic collection – a sumptuous line of 17 naturally sourced products rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants. Blended using only the most potent “super fruits” and botanicals and packaged in all natural bamboo jars, the eco-friendly collection drew instant raves and introduced Shira to an even broader client base.


True to the Original Mission

Today, Shira products are utilized in more than 2000 spas spanning 30 countries. We are grateful for the growth and success, and for the trust each and every beauty professional extends to us. The mission for the company is no different today than it was for Sara Nezaria or for estheticians across the ages: to uncover unique ingredients, to push for results-driven treatments, to constantly strive to redefine the art of beauty and skin care.