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Under Eye Issues and How to Treat Them

If you are dealing with dark under-eye circles, or other issues such as wrinkles or puffiness, you’re not alone. You might think that the only cause of under-eye circles is lack of sleep, but that isn’t the only source. In addition to dark eye circles being hereditary, did you know they can also be caused by oversleeping? Adults typically need 7-9 hours of sleep, so make sure you aren’t getting more than that amount of sleep on a regular basis. If sleeping too much or too little isn’t an issue and you still have under-eye darkness, do a quick evaluation of your stress levels. If you’re worried about your job, a family member’s health, the stock market or anything else, it could be a contributing factor to under-eye circles. Other culprits include allergies and aging.

There are many great products and home remedies to treat under-eye circles and puffiness. The first that usually comes to mind is sliced cucumber on the eyes. It is probably best to leave the cucumber slices for your salad and use a product like our Shir-Organic Cucumber Eye Cream for dark circles. For those who are interested in a USDA Organic eye cream, our Shir-Organic Basil & Bergamot Eye Cream is certified Organic! Included are Jojoba, Basil and Brazilian Babassu Oils which condition and hydrate skin. Organic Mango and Shea Butters offer emollients to soften and moisturize rough, dry skin creating a potent age-defying formula in a creamy lipid base.

If you are looking for a more innovative formulation, our Boto Derm Rx Instant Anti-Puffiness Eye Cream will do the trick! The blend of 4 clinically proven peptides, Oligopeptides, Tetrapeptides, Hexapeptides and Pentapeptides, work together to reduce eye puffiness within minutes and continue to provide an ongoing cumulative effect if used daily for a period of time.

The Shir-Radiance Instant Lift Collagen Eye Serum is a lightweight serum that helps to diffuse the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eye, often referred to as Crow’s Feet. The lactic acid will help improve dark circles under the eye.

At Shira Esthetics, we are dedicated to providing high-quality skin care products with equally high-quality customer service to our clients. Call us today to receive guidance on choosing an ideal eye cream to add to your skin care regimen.